Bell Let's Talk

"Thank you Canada! Your actions on Bell Let's Talk Day will have a Big Impact! Thanks to your support over $86.5 million has been committed to mental health initiative with a goal to donate at least $100 million by 2020."

Join us during these events to raise awareness towards Mental Health issues!

Places to Visit for Help

Mental Health Helpline

If you need help, don't be afraid to call! We're not here to judge you, we're here to help you!

** If you're in a crisis, please go to your local hospital or call 911 immediately.**

For youth:

Kids help phone knows the importance of a good talk.

For adults:

CMHA provides a wide host of tailored services and supports to aid those experiencing mental illness, along with the families. The organization's main purpose is to provide those suffering with adequate tools to develop on a personal level while leading a meaningful and productive lifestyle. 

Short Clip: What's so funny about mental health?

What's so funny about mental health?  TedTalk Ruby Wax

“Media’s choice of images to depict stories about mental health can be isolating”

The article “Media’s choice of images to depict stories about mental health can be isolating” by Serina Sandhu discusses the issues reflecting the way mental health is displayed in mass media.As mental health issues do not only affect women, this articles respectfully discusses mental health problems surrounding the lives of men. According to Sandhu, an organization titled ‘The Calm Photography Movement’ will be having an exhibition to raise funds and awareness to prevent male suicide for the “Campaign against Living Miserably.” The author wanted to capture mental health through photographs that actually depict a person’s story rather than the typical commercial photographs made by companies. The Campaign against Living Miserably is hoping to finally put an end to stigma. The photographs shown in this exhibition, allows the viewers to question themselves which is what the purpose of some of the photographs are for.